Farfalla Project - an open source toolbar to improve web accessibility in the cloud

WINNER: Federal Communications Commission Prize

The aim of Farfalla Project is to create a web framework to raise the level of websites accessibility and to provide users with new methods to browse and create contents.

The basic idea behind Farfalla is to provide users with lightweight, flexible tools that don’t need to be installed. This means they can be used also in a system which the user can’t completely control (eg. because he/she has not administrative privileges on it).

The idea is to inject an html code fragment into a web page, by means of several techniques. This injection includes a remote javascript file in the header of the page. The script will be able to rely on a remote database (communicating with it through AJAX and JSON techniques) to recall the user preferences and some plug-ins.

This allows to add effects of text enlargement or highlighting, to support virtual keyboards or to have page fragments read by text-to-speech systems, and much more.

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